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REMEMBER YOUR MENTAL HEALTH! ZENERGY HEALTH NOW OFFERS VIDEO COUNSELING Zenergy Health, recognizes the importance of balancing community wellness with continuity of care for existing and new clients. To meet the needs of our clients oneline video counseling and phone counseling are now available. Video counseling and phone counseling are an alternative to face to […]

Our subtle energy system includes the dynamic organizing energy field around us often referred to as the aura or bio-field. Improvements in technology have allowed researches such as Beverly Rubik, Ph.D., to study and measure subtle energy anatomies including the bio-field.  Rubick has designed a “chamber” which she uses to measure human body photon emission. […]

The Energy of Self-Acceptance On-Line Workshop Presented by Zenergy Health  Date : Thursday, September 1 Time: 12:30 pm – 1:00 pm Location :  On-Line  Visit                       Meeting room – 918-694-3770.                       Password – Accept. The workshop […]

Resonance of Love Online Event Energy healing uses the energy of our emotions as an active agent of healing. We all know that when we give or receive love, we feel vibrant, spacious, flexible and energized. The energy of love promotes health and a deep sense of well-being.  Please join us on Friday August 12 […]

Find Your Power With Energy Psychology Free On-Line Event When are subtle energies are aligned with our goals we find the power within to awaken and soar. We use the tools at hand; our internal strengths, to become the best version of ourselves that is possible. When we access our internal strengths we are more […]

Zenergy Health of Georgia is pleased to offer Balance Your Subtle Energy Systems for Improved Wellness and Health  When the subtle energy systems of the body are balanced, the central nervous system is able to sense and interpret environmental stimulus with greater accuracy. The subtle energies which effect the central nervous system include the aura, […]

REGISTRATION IS CLOSED FOR THIS EVENT. LEAVE A COMMENT IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE ON A WAITING LIST. THANK YOU Express Yourself  Throat Chakra Opening Energy Healing and Sound Therapy Presented by Zenergy Health and Sonic Yogi Date : Sunday, January 17th Time : 2:00 unti 3:00’ish Location : Zenergy Health – 3444 Club […]

Loving Yourself and Others Heart Chakra Energy Healing Date/Time: Sunday, November 22  from 12 until 1:30 ’ish Location: Zenergy Health  of Georgia.  3444 Club Drive Lawrenceville, GA Cost: Free. Donation of $15 Suggested What do I need to bring? A yoga mat or blanket to lie on and a blanket for cover To register : Leave a comment below by clicking […]

Energy Psychology for Pain Management   If there was ever a under-represented malady in mental health, Pain Management would be a forerunner. Pain imparts physical reaction and emotional reactions. Pain is often accompanied by any number of psychological reactions which may include depression, anger, grief or any number of reactions.   Holistic treatments that treat the […]

Energy Psychology has become a go-to intervention for many psychotherapist working with clients to improve mental health functioning and well-being.   There are many types of energy healing in the ever growing circle of alternative healing practices, but Energy Psychology stays in the domain of psychological health. Energy Psychology combines effective forms of traditional psychotherapy […]