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Are you seeking holistic treatments that utilize a mind-body approach for mental health?
Zenergy Health offers conventional psychotherapy interventions in addition to holistic treatment approaches to help you achieve piece of mind and improve your well-being. Buddhist Psychology and Energy Psychology are both evidence based practices that have been proven effective in the treatment of many psychological disorders.

Diane Chrestman, LCSW, DCEP  has a unique set of skills and training developed around holistic, mind-body therapy:
  • professionally licensed psychotherapist
  • additional training from the Association of Energy Psychology
  • authored the ground breaking book “Zenergy Mindfulness – The Intersection of Buddhist and Energy Psychology for Mental Health and Wellness”
  • trained with Zen Buddhist Monks and Nuns for six years, learning different approaches to mindfulness and mediation
  • ongoing studies of Buddhist teachings
Diane Chrestman

we are all energy

  • Effective treatments for many mental health conditions including anxiety, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, depression, relationship problems and more
  • Holistic treatment approaches that combine traditional Western psychotherapy, and ancient energy healing methods.
  • Energy Psychology is supported by research. As of 2014, there are 60 studies in fifteen peer reviewed journals substantiating the efficacy of these methods.“
  • Energy healing has been used for thousands of years and now it is being combined with psychotherapy, which means a unique treatment will be made to address your unique needs.
The energy of our thoughts, behaviors and emotions  moves through our meridians, chakras and aura.   These subtle energies, electromagnetic fields, and “biology of beliefs” can keep us stuck in maladaptive thinking, feeling and behavioral patterns. If we change the energetic expression of these maladaptive patterns, we can change the pattern itself. And the result is that you feel better! Let us show you how.

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