We Are Made of Energy!!

Energy psychology is a holistic mind body approach to healing, that utilizes the subtle energy of the body to improve emotional and mental health. Energy Psychology assumes that for every unhealthy thought or emotion there is a corresponding disruption in our subtle energy system.  In Energy Psychology  therapeutic interventions target the energetic expression of unhealthy emotional or cognitive response to help create/support new harmonious emotional or cognitive responses.   

Common Questions About Energy Psychology 

1. What mental health conditions can be treated by Energy Psychology?

Energy psychology can be safely and effectively used to treat numerous mental health conditions. The most common applications of energy psychology in our practice has been in the treatment of depression, anxiety, low-self esteem,  Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, to improve motivation, and achieve goals such as weight loss. Couples and families benefit from Energy Psychology treatment as the protocols are used to improve communication and change emotional patterns that support loving relationships.

2. How can I be sure energy psychology is an effective treatment for my mental health condition?

While no mental health intervention comes with guarantees Energy Psychology has been validated as an evidence based treatment in the treatment of many mental health disorders. The evidence that supports the efficacy of energy psychology as an effective treatment for mental health disorders has been presented in over 100 peer reviewed journals. 98% of these studies indicate Energy Psychology as effective, specifically in treatment for depression, anxiety and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. The threshold of evidence has reached a level that allows licensed mental health professionals to receive continuing education credits for training in Energy Psychology methods.

3. How does Energy Psychology Work? 

The specific subtle energy systems that have been used in Eastern healing traditions for thousands of years have yet to be identified and recognized in Western Medicine. However, the growing body of research has clarified some of the reactions that occur in the body during an Energy Psychology treatment, and help explain why it is working.

  • bio-energetic process occur such as mechanosensory transduction which changes electrical signals in the body by applying pressure to the skin at acupuncture points
  • measured changes in brain wave patterns
  • down regulating areas of the brain including the amygdala and hippocampus that are activated when we feel  anxiety or fear
  • lowers levels of cortisone, often referred to as the “stress hormone”

Services Include:

emotional challenges
Abusive Relationships
Weight Loss
Pain Management
Substance Abuse Recovery
Divorce Recovery
Family of Origin
Coping Skills
Emotional Regulation
Obsessive Thoughts
There are several techniques used in energy healing. Zenergy Health of Georgia utilizes a comprehensive method in which meridan , chakra , and biofield energy are utilized to help you restore mental health and well being.


  • Chakras are concentrated spheres of energy.
  • Each of the seven chakras are associated with specific personality traits, emotions, behaviors and thought patterns.
  • Chakra balancing nurtures the development of positive personality traits, emotions, behaviors and thought patterns.
  • Balancing the energy of the chakras is an ancient healing practice which has been used for thousands of years.

Acupuncture Points

  • Our chi, life-force or prana flows through small channels in the body called meridians. Acupuncture points are the specific areas on the body that meridians reach the surface of the skin, and are targeted for treatment.
  • Each of the fourteen meridians are associated with specific personality traits, emotions, behaviors and thought patterns.
  • Balancing meridians nurtures the development of positive personality traits, emotions, behaviors, and thought patterns.
  • Balancing meridian energy is sometimes referred to as “acupuncture for the emotions”. The same points used in acupuncture are stimulated through tapping or rubbing.

Biofield Energy

  • Biofields are the energy that we emit outwardly from our physical bodies.
  • Biofields reflect a person’s “aura”. The pervasive emotional quality of a person’s aura is often felt or sensed by others.
  • Energy healing uses exercises to strengthen the biofield, protect against harmful energies, and connect to positive energy.

A typical session…

…will include establishing specific goals which become the focus of your treatment. A bio-feedback tool called muscle testing is then used to determine the location in the body that is targeted for energy treatment. Finally the stimulation of targeted meridian/acupuncture points or chakras is paired with the expression of a desired change in thinking, emotion, or behavior. After the session, you are more energetically aligned with your stated goal.

Before you begin this or any treatment you should understand its limitations and risk so that you can make an informed decision. Before using energy therapy as a treatment for psychological, emotional, or behavioral problems a signed informed consent is required. This ensures that you understand and agree to use energy therapy as a treatment option and that all of your questions have been answered.