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Zenergy Health, recognizes the importance of balancing community wellness with continuity of care for existing and new clients. To meet the needs of our clients oneline video counseling and phone counseling are now available. Video counseling and phone counseling are an alternative to face to face session in the office.
The challenges we are facing during the virus outbreak does not mean that mental health care must stop. In fact, it may be more important than ever. Online video counseling or phone sessions are a great alternative to face to face appointments and ensures continuity of care for mental and emotional well-being during this time of uncertainty.

Than Face To Face Session?

The main difference of face to face counseling and video counseling is obviously in one format you are in the room with the therapist and with another you are not.

Many individuals initially objected to video counseling fearing that the counselor would not be able to “read” the non-verbal communication and body language as well. With the improvements of video technology over the years, this is not a problem.

The demand of video sessions has resulted in various platforms that offer telemental health with improved connectivity and ease of use.

The objective of a video session is the same as face to face session. We will start where you are, and address what you need from your session and have the capability to use the same tools as we would use face to face, including problem solving skills, improving emotional states, identifying new perspectives, reassurance, identifying new coping strategies…..what ever is needed.

Face To Face Counseling Sessions Are Still Offered At Suwanee Office

Video counseling and other forms of telemental health have been used since 2003. Studies indicate that video counseling is comparable to face-to-face session in populations including  adult, children, ethnic populations and  elders the format is effective.
While video conferencing is a viable option, most clients still prefer meeting in person. Until further notice appointments are currently assumed to be occur at my Suwanee office.
I am committed to providing a safe environment to clients. The following safely measures have been put in place.
Engage routine environmental cleaning including sanitizing frequently touched areas.
Research suggests that therapy by video conference can be very effective, which has also been my clinical experience. It depends on you and your therapist, of course, but in general you should expect it to be helpful if you were finding in-person therapy helpful.
Our subtle energy system includes the dynamic organizing energy field around us often referred to as the aura or bio-field. Improvements in technology have allowed researches such as Beverly Rubik, Ph.D., to study and measure subtle energy anatomies including the bio-field.  Rubick has designed a “chamber” which she uses to measure human body photon emission. Photons are fundamental particles of light that have properties of both a wave and particle. Rubik is particularly interested in measuring the effects of mind-body practices, such as exercise on the bio-field. Rubik presented her findings at the 21st Annual Association for Energy Psychology Conference in May 2019.

Environmental Factors And The Bio-Field

Aura before and after 1 hour of computer work

Electromagnetic Field sensitivity seems to result in disorganization and weakening of the aura in people with this sensitivity.

According to Rubik’s findings, environmenal factors impact the structure of the bio-field as measured by photon emission in these before and after images. In this image, Rubik compared the impact of electromagnetic fields on the subject’s bio-field. The first image in the slide shows the initial state of the bio-field. The second image reflects the effects on the bio-field after one hour of working at a computer. The images reflect a bio-field that is quite dramatically impacted. The field has not only lost its’ symmetry but is visibly weaker. Other environmental factors such as exposure to various toxins are presumed to have a negative effect on the bio-field.

Mind-Body Practices And The Bio-Field

Practices that cultivate positive intention, awareness and emotions act as the blueprint for the bio-field. A mindfulness practice for example that brings awareness to gratitude seems to affect the anatomy of the bio-field. A positive intention might “nudge” the bio-field around us to express itself in a healthier manner.
Mind-body practices also appear to impact the anatomy of the bio-field.  The first image in this next slide illustrates the impact of one hour of yoga. The image on the right, following one hour of yoga, reveals a bio-field more symmetrical and balanced.

Emotions and the Bio-Field

In the second image, a man who feels depressed because of the death of his pet has his bio-field measured. This image represents a weak field that does not extend far past the physical body. A characteristic of depression includes feeling weak. As opposed to the vitality we feel when we are happy. Perhaps the quality of weakness or vitality is in part due to the corresponding vitality of the bio-field. 
Exercises in energy psychology and other mind-body traditions use “treatments” such as touch, intention, visualization, and aura weaving to strengthen the bio-field. Energy healing techniques designed to improve mental health include chakra spinning and meridian tapping. These techniques are easy to learn. Over 100 scientific studies point to the efficacy of these techniques,  particularly meridian tapping.  Zenergy Mindfulness provides instructions for using energy healing techniques to strengthen and sustain the practice of mindfulness. 
I have recently been paying attention to the “health” of my bio-field. Like many others, I feel sensitive to the energy of others, particularly if their energy systems are collapsed or scrambled. When I sense a need to strengthen my biofield I imagine pulsing the electromagnetic field around me and creating a field of protection. I also practice yoga, meditate daily and practice energy healing protocols such as meridian tapping.

The Energy of Self-Acceptance

On-Line Workshop Presented by Zenergy Health 

Date : Thursday, September 1

Time: 12:30 pm – 1:00 pm

Location :  On-Line  Visit  

                    Meeting room  918-694-3770.  

                    Password – Accept.

The workshop is limited to 50 people. Please leave your name below to hold your spot.

Energy Psychology is an effective self-care practice which helps us to optimize our mood and energy for our best mental health functioning.

Our self-image has an enormous impact on our energy. Our self-image influences how we feel, respond, and cope. An internal self dialogue which is harsh and punitive is limiting. If we believe we are not good enough, worthy enough, or capable enough we can’t realize our greatest capacity. We may stop setting goals or pursuing our life’s purpose.

Self-acceptance is a process and learning is an integral part of that process. When our internal dialogue is harsh and punitive, the intrinsic learning process becomes paralyzed with limiting words such as “failure”, “loser” etc.

Have you ever watched a baby learning to walk? It is joyful to watch. The baby will undoubtedly fall as she takes her first few steps.  Unless she is hurt, she does not cry. She does not blame or judge the fall. She certainly does not quit trying to walk. The baby does not internalize the falling as a failure. In fact there is no judgement about the fall at all. It just is. The baby tries understand her mistake and proceeds trying to walk again. And again. And again. 

Can you imagine if we all quit trying to walk, because as infants, our falling was negatively internalized? I suppose most of us would be going through our adult life crawling. 


Imagine our bound-less-ness if we internalized learning and growth processes in the same judgement free manner. Imagine, if when you made a mistake, you looked at the mistake without judgement. Image if you learned what you needed to learn…and then continued onward and upward.

This is the energy of self-acceptance.

The energy of Self-Acceptance has a joyful, playful, curious quality. Self-Acceptance is spacious which is preciously why we have room for growth.

I hope you can join us for this on-line workshop and harness the energy of self-acceptance using tools of energy psychology. 

In  this workshop we will learn to:

Become grounded – reduce the racing turbulent inner self chatter.

Balance the left and right hemispheres of the brain to optimize creative and logical thinking 

Use meridian tapping and affirmations to grow the energy of self-acceptance and self love.

I hope you can join us.

In peace – diane





Resonance of Love


Resonance of Love

Online Event

Energy healing uses the energy of our emotions as an active agent of healing. We all know that when we give or receive love, we feel vibrant, spacious, flexible and energized. The energy of love promotes health and a deep sense of well-being. 

Please join us on Friday August 12 at 6:00 pm for our free on-line workshop Resonance of Love.

This workshop will include:

  • experience your auric field (the electromagnetic field around your physical body, including the etheric body , the emotional body, the mental body and the soul body)
  • clearing the field and connecting the earth star ( below our feet) with the soul star (1-2 feet above the head) to bring a beautiful flow into your system
  • bringing the cosmic light and love into your being
  • bringing awareness to your heart center point and connecting your heart with your soul

Our presenter, Birgit Bleken has studied several different healing modalities, and recently come to the conclusion that there is just one true “method”  –

the resonance of love. 

Living the Resonance of Love  and Cosmic Light!

Resonance of Love exercises and practices, will help you integrate love and cosmic light into every cell, every atom of the body, thereby making a natural connection with the soul.

As you begin to live as your true authentic self, being conscious of the source, your life has the potential to open up to infinite possibilities and resonate with all boundless love.

Our presenter Birgit, believes practicing the Resonance of Love diminishes fear, and promotes growth through courageous living as your authentic self. Comprehending the resonance of Love and surrendering to Love,brings together many facets and elements of cosmic light, which  leads to true wholesome and spiritual healing.

Please share this incredible journey with us. Now, more than ever, our families, local and global communities need the healing energy of Love. 

You need only listen and be inspired.

About Birgit

Birgit was born and raised in Germany where she worked in the medical field for 19 years. In 1999, Birgit came to the US with her family. Little did she know the adventure waiting for her.Her unique life journey has been filled with experiences that have brought her to the miracles of alternative healing methods.

For more than 25 years Birgit has been trained in several healing modalities in Europe and the US.  Her training has included Reiki, Crystal Healing, Meditation, Chakra Healing , Heart Centered Therapy and a 3 years intensive training in Integrated Energy Medicine, Logical Soul, the Kabbala Tradition and lately Human Design and Kamaqen.

Over the years she has witnessed the improvement in people’s quality of life which include the release of traumatic experiences, anxieties, physical pain, the change of old restrictive patterns and much more.

Birgit’s intention is to bring the resonance of LOVE into the world and people’s life, to guide people to embrace their lives with fearless courage and excitement.

Intuitively she approaches the needs of her clients.

To Register – 

Visit on August 12 at 6:00.

Enter meeting number 918-694-3770


Energy Psychology

Find Your Power

With Energy Psychology

Free On-Line Event

When are subtle energies are aligned with our goals we find the power within to awaken and soar. We use the tools at hand; our internal strengths, to become the best version of ourselves that is possible. When we access our internal strengths we are more powerful and better equipped to be an active creator in our lives.

Our subtle energies support us in our communication, the manner in which we project and interpret feelings, think and solve problems, stay grounded, and use (or not use) our will power. These are essential tools when we are creating and manifesting our dreams and goals.

Zenergy Health of Georgia is presenting a free workshop designed to help you find your power and use your inherent inner strengths to manifest your greatest self.

When – Friday, July 29 at 12:30

Where – On-line. Sign On is easy.


Enter  567-696-406 in Meeting Id

Please leave a message below if you would like to attend. The workshop is limited to 50 participants

be in peace – diane

Balancing the chakras, is standard healing practices in Energy Psychology

Balancing the chakras, is a standard healing practices in Energy Psychology

Zenergy Health of Georgia is pleased to offer

Balance Your Subtle Energy Systems

for Improved Wellness and Health 

When the subtle energy systems of the body are balanced, the central nervous system is able to sense and interpret environmental stimulus with greater accuracy. The subtle energies which effect the central nervous system include the aura, chakras and meridian channels. When these energy systems are balanced we feel more energetic, and benefit from improved cognitive functioning and healthier emotional reactions.

When our central nervous system misinterprets sensory input from the environment, we often respond with either an over or under reaction. Both can have negative results in our lives, our health, relationships and our careers.

Balancing the energy systems of the body is a standard protocol used in energy psychology. Simple techniques including basic exercises, affirmations and visualization help us balance the subtle energy systems.

Zenergy Health of Georgia is offering a free on-line event on Thursday July 14 at 1:00 Eastern time. In this 45 minute demonstration you will learn simple techniques which balance the subtle energy systems. These simple exercises are standard protocols used in energy psychology.

The event is limited to the first 50 participants. To register please leave a comment below. On the day and time of the event, visit and enter the meeting number 711-837-286. The event password is Balance.

in peace, diane


An open throat chakra helps us to express ourselves and our truth with honesty and integrity.

An open throat chakra helps us to express ourselves and our truth with honesty and integrity.


Express Yourself

 Throat Chakra Opening Energy Healing and Sound Therapy

Presented by Zenergy Health and Sonic Yogi

Date : Sunday, January 17th

Time : 2:00 unti 3:00’ish

Location : Zenergy Health – 3444 Club Drive – Lawrenceville Georgia

Cost : Free. Donation of 15$ Suggested

What Do I Need to Bring? A Yoga mat or something to lie on and a blanket for cover

To Register : Leave a comment below by clicking on the post. Indicate your name and the number of guest.

Seating is limited to the first 12 registrations.

Expression has various potentials and forms which can either build or destroy. Expression has the potential to build by facilitating peace,  understanding and restoration while destructive expression is a shadow of anger or fear. We express ourselves in many ways, the most obvious being how we speak. Our word choices, tone, volume and intention are all components of expression. There are more subtle forms of expression such as the clothes we wear, and the car we drive, the groups we join or the groups we condemn. More subtle still, we express ourselves in how we give, receive, forgive, and ask for what we want/need.

When the throat chakra is open one gets a sense of inspired expression that is clear in intention as well as content. Inspired expression is also authentic as opposed to regurgitating words and ideas. With open throat chakra energy, one is able to adjust the content/intent of their desired expression in a way that is suitable for the listener, taking into account age, relationship power differential, intellect, gender or any other “qualifier” which may be important. Inspired expression from the open throat chakra has a great potential to build, mend and restore.

A closed throat chakra may result in behaviors such as an inability to express oneself properly or clearly. Communication is  may be expressed in unreliable  promises such as “I will call you” or “Let’s get together” with no real intention to realize the promises. Trust within the relationship is undermined. Over-talkative, dogmatic and self-righteous expression which alienates reflects another aspect of a closed throat chakra. Individuals  sometimes will assume the expression of others  because they cannot find their own voice. The inability to communicate often results in a sense of frustration, anger or sadness because one feels invisible or not-validated. Relationships are invariably impacted. The most important relationship, the one with ourselves, may be impacted in subtle or a profound manner.

Join us on Sunday January 17th. Express clearly and confidently your truth, your insight and your experience. You will benefit, those around you will benefit, and you may possibly even leave the world a better place.

Loving Yourself and Others

When the heart chakra is closed we are more likely to act in a co-dependent or manipulative manner. We are jealous and often possessive. When the heart chakra is open we are able to express love purely. We see the good in our beloved and ourselves

When the heart chakra is closed we are more likely to act in a co-dependent or manipulative manner. We are jealous and often possessive. When the heart chakra is open we are able to express love purely. We see the good in our beloved and ourselves

Heart Chakra Energy Healing

Date/Time: Sunday, November 22  from 12 until 1:30 ’ish

LocationZenergy Health  of Georgia.  3444 Club Drive Lawrenceville, GA

CostFree. Donation of $15 Suggested

What do I need to bring? A yoga mat or blanket to lie on and a blanket for cover

To register : Leave a comment below by clicking on the post. Indicate your name and number of guest. Seating is limited to the first 12 registrations.

Love allows us to experience the beautiful and magical that is around us. It opens what was closed. We are able to feel in an expansive manner so that the mundane becomes the sacred.  When the heart chakra is open the love we direct to ourselves and others is pure. There is an energy of assertiveness to our love. It is not passive nor co-dependent. Neither is it aggressive and controlling.

In my practice as a psychotherapist, I often work with individuals who have low self esteem and self worth. Often they have internalized a message that they are not good enough. After enough time they no longer love themselves. It is as if they abandon their own spirit and can no longer touch their goodness. I think self abandonment is a modern day problem that affect many people. Depression is a modern day epidemic as well. Many depressed individuals will feel better if they can open their heart chakra and begin to love themselves.

Heart Chakra Energy Healing offered by Zenergy Health of Georgia will

Sonic Yogi uses sound meditation to help people reduce anxiety. The vibration from the bowls is peaceful and healing.

Sonic Yogi uses sound meditation to help people reduce anxiety. The vibration from the bowls is peaceful and healing.

include a demonstration of daily energy exercises as well as chakra clearing. Music therapy will be provided by Sonic Yogi, who uses the healing sounds of Tibetan Bowls to help you relax, and change your vibration level.

We hope to see you.

be in peace – diane & Sonic Yogi


Energy Psychology

Energy Psychology for Pain Management  

If there was ever a under-represented malady in mental health, Pain Management would be a forerunner.

Pain imparts physical reaction and emotional reactions. Pain is often accompanied by any number of psychological reactions which may include depression, anger, grief or any number of reactions.   Holistic treatments that treat the body and mind are an important component of pain management. Energy Psychology provides hope. In the ever expanding options of holistic treatment, Energy Psychology is a promising option.

The Research Pain Management

A great deal of research has concluded the effectiveness of Energy Psychology for a variety of mental health conditions. As many as 60 peer reviewed medical and science journals  have published articles with favorable results. A recent study in the Journal of Alternative Medicine, showed 76%  of  hospital patients showed marked improvement in pain relief after participating in energy healing techniques.

Emancipation from Pain Lies Includes Changing How the Mind Internalizes the Pain 

Energy work around the world often utilizes acupuncture points. With energy psychology,  tapping acupuncture points while tuning in to the emotional reaction (ie sadness that is associated with the pain) disrupts the cognitive and emotional process that is associated with the pain inducing stimulus. The client still experiences the pain inducing stimulus, but the emotional or cognitive reaction begins to change and losses the intensity of the mal-adaptive emotion.

People who can control pain are still able to engage in the activates that make life meaningful and joyful. When pain becomes overwhelming, sadness, anger, or grief can become the lens of our emotional and cognitive framework. Energy psychology offers an encouraging treatment option in the treatment of pain management.


Alternative Mental Health

Energy Psychology has become a go-to intervention for many psychotherapist working with clients to improve mental health functioning and well-being.   There are many types of energy healing in the ever growing circle of alternative healing practices, but Energy Psychology stays in the domain of psychological health. Energy Psychology combines effective forms of traditional psychotherapy with effective aspects of energy healing. While energy healing Alternative mental healthhas been used around the world for centuries, Energy Psychology is specifically targeted to address the maladaptive thoughts, behaviors and emotional reactions that create psychological problems.

What can I expect in a session if my therapist uses Energy Psychology?

The use of Energy Psychology is grounded in many of the same steps found in traditional psychotherapy. As such, an assessment of the current problem, past coping skills, support systems, resources will be discussed and identified.

An additional component of the initial stages of therapy is to establish a goal. This provides a direction for you and the therapist. Good goals are clearly stated and measurable. For example, I want to feel happy, while a good personal goal, might be too vague. In this situation, we narrow in on a specific behavior, thought or belief which might make you feel happy. For example, a client might respond with a tangible objective such as, I would feel more happy if I exercised three times a week.

Subtle Energies and Their Impact on Mental Health

The next portion of a session includes a basic assessment of basic energy flow. Our bodies has natural state of energy flow. When we are feeling, thinking and behaving in a manner that is healthy, our energy is also flowing and moving in a healthy state.  We are more balanced and able to access all aspects of inner strengths such as clear thinking, calm emotions, and goal directed behaviors. When our energy is blocked or scrambled it is more difficult to access these resources.  For example a symptom of reversed polarity might be expressed as absent-minded or easily distractible state. If a positive and negative polarity it reversed and then corrected, cognitive functioning improves.

Energy Hygiene

If during the assessment, an interference in optimal energy flow is found it is corrected. The corrections provided are dependent on the specific type of interference. Exercises to correct imbalances are easy to demonstrate and learn. I often prescribe these exercises as homework to use through the week. Many of us have “tendencies” when we become ill. We are susceptible to headaches or perhaps colds. Our energy system is the same in that it has tendencies in the patterns of sickness. Consistent and regular exercises to correct the energy imbalance helps us to be less susceptible to these patterns.

Energy Psychology and the Course of Treatment  

The goals for treatment in Energy Psychology often target maladaptive thoughts, emotions or behaviors. If we change the expression of energy which supports the maladaptive functioning, we can change the functioning. In Energy Psychology, the energetic expression is changed through the meridians or chakras. Meridians are considered to be the channels that flow through the body, and carry the energetic expression of our psychological functioning such as beliefs, memories, and emotions. Meridians channels and points are the targeted intervention used in many energy healing traditions such as acupuncture. The chakras are impacted by our environment. We are constantly responding to and responding with the energy in our environment, that is the energy of the people around us, our physical environment, communication, spiritual guidance, intuition and much more. We metabolize the energy from our environment through the chakras. How we interact and respond to the environment is also a function of the chakras. The intervention which is used is based on many factors, and the treatment is quite different. The differences in interventions will be discussed in a future post.

If you have any questions concerning mental health treatment, or specifically the use of Energy Psychology, please leave a question below.

be in peace – diane