We Need Energy Medicine in Mental Health 

Mental Illness Has Reached Epidemic Proportions

alternative therapy for depression and anxiety

Mental health problems have reached epidemic proportions with one in five adults impacted each year.

The statistics  on mental health illness provided by the National Alliance on Mental Illness is grim. Mood disorders, including depression and bipolar are the third leading cause for hospitalization in the United States. A reported 18.6%, {approximately 1 in 5}  of adults suffer from a mental health problem every year.  For youth ages 13-18, 21.4%  {approximately 1 in 5} experience  a  severe mental health illness during their lifetime. Merriam-Webster defines an epidemic as “affecting or tending to affect a disproportionate  large number of individuals within a population, community, or region at the same time”. I think we are there. To address this epidemic we need to recognize, validate and use many healing techniques. We need Energy Medicine in Mental Health.

Energy Medicine Utilizes Conventional Western Remedies and Ancient Healing Remedies

alternative therapy for depression atlanta

Tapping meridian points in conjunction with exposure therapy helps to reset maladaptive responses in the brain.

There are several conventional remedies used in traditional psychotherapy. Exposure therapy, for example, presents a anxiety producing thought or belief in a safe therapeutic environment. By processing or discussing  the event without a dangerous outcome occurring the therapist can help a client desensitize to the thought/belief/memory. Eventually the thought/belief/memory  no longer results in the maladaptive response. Energy medicine combines exposure therapy with techniques that adjust the energy field that is supporting the maladaptive thought, belief or emotion. Adjusting the energy field can be approached with a variety of methods. If one were to use exposure therapy with energy medicine to treat anxiety, the subtle energies found in the meridians would be a good place to start. Meridians are currents of energy that run through the body. The meridian points, used in acupuncture, are the specific locations on the body where the meridian surfaces close to the skin. If we simultaneously use exposure therapy while tapping, rubbing or massaging the meridian points the brain’s response begins to change.  While exposure therapy is an established therapeutic technique, adding meridian tapping has been shown in several studies to  allow for briefer and fewer treatments. (http://www.eomega.org/article/the-case-for-energy-psychology). Scientist feel that the stimulation of meridian points  during exposure disrupts the message that was once sent to the brain. In other words, the old maladaptive patterns are altered.

Energy Medicine Offers Hope For Healing in Mental Health

Energy Medicine as alternative mental health treatment

Hopefully a broader array of effective treatment options such as Energy Medicine will be offered and recognized both by those in need and mental health professionals.

Many people who suffer from a mental health problem feel overwhelmed in their attempts to find treatment. The side effects and risk of psychotropic medicine makes pharmaceuticals a non-viable option for many. Energy medicine is non-invasive and continues to produce thousands of anecdotal reports and many scientific studies which lends support  as an effective treatment option for mental health problems. I use an array of conventional psychotherapies in my practice to address depression, anxiety, grief, Bi-Polar, and relationship problems. My over arching goal it to make therapy as effective as possible for clients. For some people that may be talk therapy or other conventional treatment. For others, that may be any number of energy healing techniques that help align the subtle energies of the body with their intended beliefs, wishes, and goals. I have witnessed amazing results and my hope is that Energy Medicine becomes a familiar treatment for individuals who are in pain.

be in peace – diane

energy medicine for anger Atlanta

The energy of anger is like fire. Energy medicine allows us to quench this flame simply but effectively.

Reduce the Flames of Anger with Energy Medicine

We all know what it feels like to be angry. It does not feel good. That is because the qualities of anger are destructive. Anger is an emotion that feels hot, urgent, blinding, and destructive; much like a fire. These are some of the characteristics of anger that give it its particular energy, and why it feels different from other emotions such as fear, joy, surprise, or disgust. In general terms, the energy of emotions either expand us or they collapse us.

If we pay attention, we can connect with the qualities of any emotions that is destructive and reduce the intensity or alter the characteristics using Energy Medicine.

Anger Alters The Brain

When we are angry it is difficult, if not impossible to think clearly. The energetic and physiological response that accompanies anger results in 85% of the blood in the pre-frontal cortex draining from this area of the brain in order to support a fight/flight/freeze response. The brain cannot access the area of the brain in which higher levels of thinking, judgment or creativity reside.

An simple yet effective tool used in Energy Medicine to reduce anger is called the Crown Pull. This is a very effective, soothing and simple exercise that encourages blood and energy back into the pre-frontal cortex area of the brain and reduces the intensity of anger.

Crown Pull – Feel the Calm

Try this the next time you feel angry.

Place the thumbs of each hand gently on your temples while your fingers to rest on your forehead, directly above your eyebrows.

Slowly begin to slide your fingers across your forehead while pulling the skin.

Continue up your forehead, reaching your hairline.

Continue across the top and then down the back of your head.

Continue down the back of your neck.

Remember to take relaxing breaths during the exercise.

be in peace – diane


solar plexus energy healing

Energy Healing for the Solar Plexus. Free Event!

Self-Love and Personal Power – Own it and Soar

Solar Plexus Energy Healing

Date/Time: Sunday, May 31 from 2 until 3’ish

Location: Zenergy Health  of Georgia 3444 Club Drive Lawrenceville, GA

Cost: Free. Donations are graciously accepted

What do I need to bring? A yoga mat or blanket to lie on and a blanket for cover

To register : Leave a comment below by clicking on the post. Indicate your name and number of guest. Seating is limited to the first 12 registrations.

When the energy of the solar plexus is balanced, a person is confident and aware of their personal power. They are able to set boundaries in a healthy and assertive manner. An awareness of one’s personal power produces behaviors, thoughts and emotions that reflect self-love and self-respect. Blocked energy in this chakra results in a constant worry over what others think and tends to grow passive behaviors, thoughts and emotions which leads to frustration anger, or sadness. Energy Healing of the Solar Plexus can help you to become more aware and conscious of your personal power.

This event will include several aspects to help open and balance the Sacral Chakra. Sonic Yogi uses the vibration of Tibetan Bowls which are placed at the solar plexus. The vibration of the bowls is very relaxing, and will assist you to connect with the energy center .

alternative mental health therapy atlanta

Neurovascular points along the head and neck are touched to encourage the release of negative energy. This energy may support negative thoughts and beliefs which keep you stuck in old patterns.

Guided meditation and guided imagery are used to help you release the negative aspects associated with archetype of the solar plexus, the Drudge. The Drudge, represents the archtype of an individual, whose self identity and self worth are determined by what others think. Finally, neuro-vascular points at the head and neck are touched during the exercise to encourage the release of limiting thoughts associated with the Drudge.

Love Yourself !!  Claim Your Personal Power !!! Own It and Soar !!! Come join us. Do something good for you.

Balance Your Emotions with Energy Healing

Sacral Chakra Energy Healing – Free Event

An open Sacral Chakra event for Atlanta area residents

An open Sacral Chakra encourages emotional balance and an ability to experience pleasure

Do you ever feel like you are at the mercy of your emotions? Do you want to have better control of your emotions? Zenergy Health of Georgia and Sonic Yogi are please to offer Sacral Chakra Energy Healing, a free event, which includes sound therapy, guided meditation and energy healing to balance and open the Sacral Chakra.

Date/Time: Sunday, April 26th from 2 until 3’ish

Location: Zenergy Health  of Georgia 3444 Club Drive Lawrenceville, GA

Cost: Free. Donations are graciously accepted

What do I need to bring? A yoga mat or blanket to lie on and a blanket for cover

To register : Leave a comment below by clicking on the post. Indicate your name and number of guest. Seating is limited to the first 12 registrations.

The energy of the Sacral chakra is associated with many important aspects of your personality. If the Sacral  is closed, one may have a difficult time expressing, identifying and controlling their emotions. Habitual problems in relationships may be present such as a lack of intimate connection and an inability to experience pleasure. When the Sacral Chakra is open one enjoys expressing themselves creatively and authentically.

This event will include several aspects to help open and balance the Sacral Chakra. Sonic Yogi  uses the vibration of Tibetan Bowls which are placed along the location of  the chakaras. The vibration of the bowls is very relaxing, and will assist you to connect with the energy center of the Sacral Chakra. Guided meditation and guided imagery are used to help you release the negative aspects associated with archetype of the sacral chakra, the Martyr. Finally, neuro-vascular points at the head and neck are touched during the exercise to encourage the release of limiting thoughts associated with martyrdom. Join us ! Do something good for you !!!

with peace – diane

alternative healing for mental health Atlanta areaHolistic Healing For Mental Health

Holistic and natural remedies for mental health disorders have become increasingly popular, and continue to be in demand by consumers. Currently the “go-to” treatment for many people is medication, an approach that chemically alters the body/brain.  Often many people who take psycho-tropic medication cannot tolerate the side effects. The side-effects (which should be accurately referred to as simply effects)  range from mild to life-threatening. It should come as no surprise that many people are seeking alternative and holistic treatments when suffering from mental health problems or conditions.

Energy Healing For Mental Health

A holistic healing option for mental health problems is energy healing. Mental, cognitive, emotional and behavioral functions have an energetic component. Therefore, altering the energy that keeps these conditions in place alters the condition itself. For example, a person with depression typically does not have positive thinking patterns and the  energy linked to positive thoughts is weak. A good therapeutic treatment would be to increase the energy around positive thoughts. A viable therapeutic goal used in traditional psychotherapy might attempt to increase feelings of hopefulness by replacing negative self talk with positive self talk. A positive thought such as “At least one good thing will probably happen to me today” would be appropriate. Energy healing uses the techniques of positive self-talk, but  deepens the effectiveness of the cognitive restructuring by including  tapping as the positive statements are verbalized. Tapping involves stimulating acupuncture points on the body that correspond with the subtle energy system known as meridians. So while naming, claiming and identifying the reasons one has to be hopeful, the subtle energy system of the body would be accessed simultaneously.  The intensity of the belief which you are trying to instill  ie “At least one good thing will happen to me today” is greatly increased. We believe the positive belief that we are trying to instill with a greater intensity when the subtle energy of the bodies are aligned with the belief. While the client attunes to the positive thought, the energetic marker of the positive belief, which is expressed in the electromagnetic field, or photo-electric impulse of the brain, is altered.

Why Energy Healing Is Important

Mental Health problems such as Depression, Anxiety, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Bi-Polar and Autism have reached unprecedented numbers. According to Robert Whitaker, the author of the Anatomy of An Epidemic, in 1955 major depression and Bi-Polar only accounted for 50,937 patients in mental hospitals. In 1990 an estimated 1.4 million people suffer from depression and bi-polar with such severity, they are deemed disabled, unfit to work and subsequently receive Social Security Disability benefits.  It seems that mental health disorders are  a modern day epidemic. People who suffer obviously search for help, solutions and effective treatment. Because of the epidemic of mental health conditions, and the side effects of medication, it is important for individuals to have options, and be able to make an informed decision about possible treatments.

be in peace – diane

energy healing root chakra

The energy of the root chakra fosters feeling grounded and centered

Come Back to Earth! With Energy Healing and Meditation for the Root Chakra

Zenergy Health of Georgia and Sonic Yogi are pleased to offer Come Back to Earth! energy healing and meditation to focus on the root chakra and encourage grounding and centering.

Time : Sunday,  March 22 from 2 until 3’ish.

Location : Zenergy Health of Georgia.  3444 Club Drive Lawrenceville Ga

Cost : Free. Donations to offset cost are accepted

What to Bring : A yoga mat or meditation cushion and blanket

To Register : Seating is Limited to 12 people.  Leave a comment below (by clicking on this post) with your name and number of guest

The subtle energy of the root chakra encourages a calm, present, and confident state of mind. When the energy in our root chakra is balanced we feel grounded and centered. The root chakra helps us to maintain a solid sense of self. If the energy in the root chakra is not balanced we may feel out of touch with important aspects of our personality such as intuitiveness and instincts. An undisciplined monkey mind which hops around from one unconnected thought to the next is calmed with grounding exercises.

This 30(ish) minute meditation will consist of a guided practice which includes affirmations and visualizations.  The fostered awareness of the root chakra promotes positive personality aspects associated with the  energy center of the root chakra. Participants are encouraged to embody the characteristics of centeredness, stability and grounded-ness.

Sonic Yogi will graciously be providing sound therapy during the meditation by playing Tibetan bowls. In the ancient traditions of energy healing, each chakra is believed to resonate with a specific frequency which corresponds with the frequencies found in musical scales. Consequently, hearing a sound that corresponds with the root chakra assist in the efforts of grounding and centering.

natural healing weight loss

Weight Loss Clinic
with Energy Healing

Weight Loss Clinic with Energy Healing

 Zenergy Health of Georgia

Includes Energy Healing, Hypnosis, Mindfulness

 Sunday February 15th

 2:00 until 4:00’ish

Zenergy Health of Georgia is offering a weight loss clinic you do not want to miss. At Zenergy Health of Georgia we will offer a Weight Loss Clinic with Energy Healing, Hypnosis and Mindfulness Skills. Lose weight by learning and using these weight loss interventions.

In this Weight loss Clinic you will experience:

Energy Healing

Energy Healing that combines traditional Western Psychological treatments with ancient Eastern healing traditions will be offered. Energy Healing has been used by thousands of people around the world to help achieve goals, changes behaviors, thoughts and emotions. This workshop will provide instruction so that your beliefs, thoughts and emotions are aligned with your desire to loose weight. Basic acupuncture points will be activated by tapping, while affirmations such as intentions are used.


use the power of the subconscious mind to help change your thoughts and behaviors. A hypnosis recording to support change will be provided to participants

Mindfulness and Meditation

a powerful practice that provides many physical and emotional benefits. We will learn skills to enhance our awareness so that we are mindful and conscious of eating.

Cost of Workshop – 55$

What you need – Please bring a yoga mat and blanket to use during hypnosis.

Please register by calling 770-378-6835

Workshop is limited to 7 people.

Welcome to Zenergy Health of Georgia

Chakra balancing available at Zenergy  Health of Georgia

Chakra balancing available at Zenergy Health of Georgia

Your well being is important to us. Zenergy Health offers comprehensive energy healing for psychological health and well-being. Energy healing is an effective treatment for many psychological problems such as depression, anxiety, phobias or trauma.  Zenergy Health of Georgia offers treatments that are individualized to meet your unique needs and circumstances.

The secret ingredient in energy healing

At Zenergy Health we combine traditional Western psychotherapy interventions and ancient Eastern healing philosophies to help you heal from psychological problems, relationship issues or to reach a specific goal.  Traditional psychological interventions such as affirmations, cognitive restructuring and exposure are utilized. However, energy healing adds a secret ingredient. Energy healing also attends to the bio-energetic patterns of the unwanted behavior, thought or emotions that is expressed in chakras, meridians and bio-field.

Energy healing and chakras

There are many types of energy healing. At Zenergy Health of Georgia one of the healing modalities offered includes chakra balancing. Each of the seven main chakras corresponds to a particular aspect of your personality. For example, the heart chakra is associated with love. If your are experiencing relationship problems you might feel as though you cannot give or receive love. The heart chakra would be a good place to consider for treatment. Often a balancing of all the chakras is effective, because there is generally more than one aspect of the problem. If you felt as though you cannot survive with or without a partner, the root chakra, which is associated with basic survival, may be a target of treatment as well as the heart chakra.

Energy healing and meridians

Zenergy Health of Georgia also offers meridian treatments. There are fourteen meridians in the body. Each contain a specific number of treatment points, or acupuncture points. By focusing on the psychological problem and treating the indicated meridian points, the beliefs, emotions or thoughts you have concerning your problem can be aligned to help you overcome the targeted problem.