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Chakra balancing available at Zenergy  Health of Georgia

Chakra balancing available at Zenergy Health of Georgia

Your well being is important to us. Zenergy Health offers comprehensive energy healing for psychological health and well-being. Energy healing is an effective treatment for many psychological problems such as depression, anxiety, phobias or trauma.  Zenergy Health of Georgia offers treatments that are individualized to meet your unique needs and circumstances.

The secret ingredient in energy healing

At Zenergy Health we combine traditional Western psychotherapy interventions and ancient Eastern healing philosophies to help you heal from psychological problems, relationship issues or to reach a specific goal.  Traditional psychological interventions such as affirmations, cognitive restructuring and exposure are utilized. However, energy healing adds a secret ingredient. Energy healing also attends to the bio-energetic patterns of the unwanted behavior, thought or emotions that is expressed in chakras, meridians and bio-field.

Energy healing and chakras

There are many types of energy healing. At Zenergy Health of Georgia one of the healing modalities offered includes chakra balancing. Each of the seven main chakras corresponds to a particular aspect of your personality. For example, the heart chakra is associated with love. If your are experiencing relationship problems you might feel as though you cannot give or receive love. The heart chakra would be a good place to consider for treatment. Often a balancing of all the chakras is effective, because there is generally more than one aspect of the problem. If you felt as though you cannot survive with or without a partner, the root chakra, which is associated with basic survival, may be a target of treatment as well as the heart chakra.

Energy healing and meridians

Zenergy Health of Georgia also offers meridian treatments. There are fourteen meridians in the body. Each contain a specific number of treatment points, or acupuncture points. By focusing on the psychological problem and treating the indicated meridian points, the beliefs, emotions or thoughts you have concerning your problem can be aligned to help you overcome the targeted problem.

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