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Energy Psychology has become a go-to intervention for many psychotherapist working with clients to improve mental health functioning and well-being.   There are many types of energy healing in the ever growing circle of alternative healing practices, but Energy Psychology stays in the domain of psychological health. Energy Psychology combines effective forms of traditional psychotherapy with effective aspects of energy healing. While energy healing Alternative mental healthhas been used around the world for centuries, Energy Psychology is specifically targeted to address the maladaptive thoughts, behaviors and emotional reactions that create psychological problems.

What can I expect in a session if my therapist uses Energy Psychology?

The use of Energy Psychology is grounded in many of the same steps found in traditional psychotherapy. As such, an assessment of the current problem, past coping skills, support systems, resources will be discussed and identified.

An additional component of the initial stages of therapy is to establish a goal. This provides a direction for you and the therapist. Good goals are clearly stated and measurable. For example, I want to feel happy, while a good personal goal, might be too vague. In this situation, we narrow in on a specific behavior, thought or belief which might make you feel happy. For example, a client might respond with a tangible objective such as, I would feel more happy if I exercised three times a week.

Subtle Energies and Their Impact on Mental Health

The next portion of a session includes a basic assessment of basic energy flow. Our bodies has natural state of energy flow. When we are feeling, thinking and behaving in a manner that is healthy, our energy is also flowing and moving in a healthy state.  We are more balanced and able to access all aspects of inner strengths such as clear thinking, calm emotions, and goal directed behaviors. When our energy is blocked or scrambled it is more difficult to access these resources.  For example a symptom of reversed polarity might be expressed as absent-minded or easily distractible state. If a positive and negative polarity it reversed and then corrected, cognitive functioning improves.

Energy Hygiene

If during the assessment, an interference in optimal energy flow is found it is corrected. The corrections provided are dependent on the specific type of interference. Exercises to correct imbalances are easy to demonstrate and learn. I often prescribe these exercises as homework to use through the week. Many of us have “tendencies” when we become ill. We are susceptible to headaches or perhaps colds. Our energy system is the same in that it has tendencies in the patterns of sickness. Consistent and regular exercises to correct the energy imbalance helps us to be less susceptible to these patterns.

Energy Psychology and the Course of Treatment  

The goals for treatment in Energy Psychology often target maladaptive thoughts, emotions or behaviors. If we change the expression of energy which supports the maladaptive functioning, we can change the functioning. In Energy Psychology, the energetic expression is changed through the meridians or chakras. Meridians are considered to be the channels that flow through the body, and carry the energetic expression of our psychological functioning such as beliefs, memories, and emotions. Meridians channels and points are the targeted intervention used in many energy healing traditions such as acupuncture. The chakras are impacted by our environment. We are constantly responding to and responding with the energy in our environment, that is the energy of the people around us, our physical environment, communication, spiritual guidance, intuition and much more. We metabolize the energy from our environment through the chakras. How we interact and respond to the environment is also a function of the chakras. The intervention which is used is based on many factors, and the treatment is quite different. The differences in interventions will be discussed in a future post.

If you have any questions concerning mental health treatment, or specifically the use of Energy Psychology, please leave a question below.

be in peace – diane

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