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Zenergy Health, recognizes the importance of balancing community wellness with continuity of care for existing and new clients. To meet the needs of our clients oneline video counseling and phone counseling are now available. Video counseling and phone counseling are an alternative to face to face session in the office.
The challenges we are facing during the virus outbreak does not mean that mental health care must stop. In fact, it may be more important than ever. Online video counseling or phone sessions are a great alternative to face to face appointments and ensures continuity of care for mental and emotional well-being during this time of uncertainty.

Than Face To Face Session?

The main difference of face to face counseling and video counseling is obviously in one format you are in the room with the therapist and with another you are not.

Many individuals initially objected to video counseling fearing that the counselor would not be able to “read” the non-verbal communication and body language as well. With the improvements of video technology over the years, this is not a problem.

The demand of video sessions has resulted in various platforms that offer telemental health with improved connectivity and ease of use.

The objective of a video session is the same as face to face session. We will start where you are, and address what you need from your session and have the capability to use the same tools as we would use face to face, including problem solving skills, improving emotional states, identifying new perspectives, reassurance, identifying new coping strategies…..what ever is needed.

Face To Face Counseling Sessions Are Still Offered At Suwanee Office

Video counseling and other forms of telemental health have been used since 2003. Studies indicate that video counseling is comparable to face-to-face session in populations including  adult, children, ethnic populations and  elders the format is effective.
While video conferencing is a viable option, most clients still prefer meeting in person. Until further notice appointments are currently assumed to be occur at my Suwanee office.
I am committed to providing a safe environment to clients. The following safely measures have been put in place.
Engage routine environmental cleaning including sanitizing frequently touched areas.
Research suggests that therapy by video conference can be very effective, which has also been my clinical experience. It depends on you and your therapist, of course, but in general you should expect it to be helpful if you were finding in-person therapy helpful.

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