Our subtle energy system includes the dynamic organizing energy field around us often referred to as the aura or bio-field. Improvements in technology have allowed researches such as Beverly Rubik, Ph.D., to study and measure subtle energy anatomies including the bio-field.  Rubick has designed a “chamber” which she uses to measure human body photon emission. Photons are fundamental particles of light that have properties of both a wave and particle. Rubik is particularly interested in measuring the effects of mind-body practices, such as exercise on the bio-field. Rubik presented her findings at the 21st Annual Association for Energy Psychology Conference in May 2019.

Environmental Factors And The Bio-Field

Aura before and after 1 hour of computer work

Electromagnetic Field sensitivity seems to result in disorganization and weakening of the aura in people with this sensitivity.

According to Rubik’s findings, environmenal factors impact the structure of the bio-field as measured by photon emission in these before and after images. In this image, Rubik compared the impact of electromagnetic fields on the subject’s bio-field. The first image in the slide shows the initial state of the bio-field. The second image reflects the effects on the bio-field after one hour of working at a computer. The images reflect a bio-field that is quite dramatically impacted. The field has not only lost its’ symmetry but is visibly weaker. Other environmental factors such as exposure to various toxins are presumed to have a negative effect on the bio-field.

Mind-Body Practices And The Bio-Field

Practices that cultivate positive intention, awareness and emotions act as the blueprint for the bio-field. A mindfulness practice for example that brings awareness to gratitude seems to affect the anatomy of the bio-field. A positive intention might “nudge” the bio-field around us to express itself in a healthier manner.
Mind-body practices also appear to impact the anatomy of the bio-field.  The first image in this next slide illustrates the impact of one hour of yoga. The image on the right, following one hour of yoga, reveals a bio-field more symmetrical and balanced.

Emotions and the Bio-Field

In the second image, a man who feels depressed because of the death of his pet has his bio-field measured. This image represents a weak field that does not extend far past the physical body. A characteristic of depression includes feeling weak. As opposed to the vitality we feel when we are happy. Perhaps the quality of weakness or vitality is in part due to the corresponding vitality of the bio-field. 
Exercises in energy psychology and other mind-body traditions use “treatments” such as touch, intention, visualization, and aura weaving to strengthen the bio-field. Energy healing techniques designed to improve mental health include chakra spinning and meridian tapping. These techniques are easy to learn. Over 100 scientific studies point to the efficacy of these techniques,  particularly meridian tapping.  Zenergy Mindfulness provides instructions for using energy healing techniques to strengthen and sustain the practice of mindfulness. 
I have recently been paying attention to the “health” of my bio-field. Like many others, I feel sensitive to the energy of others, particularly if their energy systems are collapsed or scrambled. When I sense a need to strengthen my biofield I imagine pulsing the electromagnetic field around me and creating a field of protection. I also practice yoga, meditate daily and practice energy healing protocols such as meridian tapping.

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