An open throat chakra helps us to express ourselves and our truth with honesty and integrity.

An open throat chakra helps us to express ourselves and our truth with honesty and integrity.


Express Yourself

 Throat Chakra Opening Energy Healing and Sound Therapy

Presented by Zenergy Health and Sonic Yogi

Date : Sunday, January 17th

Time : 2:00 unti 3:00’ish

Location : Zenergy Health – 3444 Club Drive – Lawrenceville Georgia

Cost : Free. Donation of 15$ Suggested

What Do I Need to Bring? A Yoga mat or something to lie on and a blanket for cover

To Register : Leave a comment below by clicking on the post. Indicate your name and the number of guest.

Seating is limited to the first 12 registrations.

Expression has various potentials and forms which can either build or destroy. Expression has the potential to build by facilitating peace,  understanding and restoration while destructive expression is a shadow of anger or fear. We express ourselves in many ways, the most obvious being how we speak. Our word choices, tone, volume and intention are all components of expression. There are more subtle forms of expression such as the clothes we wear, and the car we drive, the groups we join or the groups we condemn. More subtle still, we express ourselves in how we give, receive, forgive, and ask for what we want/need.

When the throat chakra is open one gets a sense of inspired expression that is clear in intention as well as content. Inspired expression is also authentic as opposed to regurgitating words and ideas. With open throat chakra energy, one is able to adjust the content/intent of their desired expression in a way that is suitable for the listener, taking into account age, relationship power differential, intellect, gender or any other “qualifier” which may be important. Inspired expression from the open throat chakra has a great potential to build, mend and restore.

A closed throat chakra may result in behaviors such as an inability to express oneself properly or clearly. Communication is  may be expressed in unreliable  promises such as “I will call you” or “Let’s get together” with no real intention to realize the promises. Trust within the relationship is undermined. Over-talkative, dogmatic and self-righteous expression which alienates reflects another aspect of a closed throat chakra. Individuals  sometimes will assume the expression of others  because they cannot find their own voice. The inability to communicate often results in a sense of frustration, anger or sadness because one feels invisible or not-validated. Relationships are invariably impacted. The most important relationship, the one with ourselves, may be impacted in subtle or a profound manner.

Join us on Sunday January 17th. Express clearly and confidently your truth, your insight and your experience. You will benefit, those around you will benefit, and you may possibly even leave the world a better place.

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