video counseling session with man on laptop
Continuity of mental health care does not have to be impacted by distance. Video counseling and phone counseling sessions provide the benefits of therapy from the comfort of your home.
The mental health services at Zenergy Health are quite unique! We are the only counseling center in the state of Georgia that offers both Energy Psychology and Buddhist Psychology. Video counseling makes accessibility to our unique services available to anyone in Georgia.
The impact of the corona virus does not mean that mental health services have to stop. In fact, taking care of mental health is more important than ever. Since the spread of the virus, fear of the unknown, and uncertainty about the future had resulted in rising levels of stress, anxiety and depression.
Video counseling and other e-therapy options have several advantages, making them the preferred option to access services.
The advantages of video counseling include:

Convenience – No Travel Time & Have Your Session From The Comfort Of Your Home

Accessibility To Services – Individuals With Physical Limitations Find E Therapy To Be A Useful Alternative To Office Visits

Studies Indicate The Effectiveness Of Video Counseling And Other Forms of E Therapy To Be Equivalent To Office Visits