We Need Energy Medicine in Mental Health 

Mental Illness Has Reached Epidemic Proportions

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Mental health problems have reached epidemic proportions with one in five adults impacted each year.

The statistics  on mental health illness provided by the National Alliance on Mental Illness is grim. Mood disorders, including depression and bipolar are the third leading cause for hospitalization in the United States. A reported 18.6%, {approximately 1 in 5}  of adults suffer from a mental health problem every year.  For youth ages 13-18, 21.4%  {approximately 1 in 5} experience  a  severe mental health illness during their lifetime. Merriam-Webster defines an epidemic as “affecting or tending to affect a disproportionate  large number of individuals within a population, community, or region at the same time”. I think we are there. To address this epidemic we need to recognize, validate and use many healing techniques. We need Energy Medicine in Mental Health.

Energy Medicine Utilizes Conventional Western Remedies and Ancient Healing Remedies

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Tapping meridian points in conjunction with exposure therapy helps to reset maladaptive responses in the brain.

There are several conventional remedies used in traditional psychotherapy. Exposure therapy, for example, presents a anxiety producing thought or belief in a safe therapeutic environment. By processing or discussing  the event without a dangerous outcome occurring the therapist can help a client desensitize to the thought/belief/memory. Eventually the thought/belief/memory  no longer results in the maladaptive response. Energy medicine combines exposure therapy with techniques that adjust the energy field that is supporting the maladaptive thought, belief or emotion. Adjusting the energy field can be approached with a variety of methods. If one were to use exposure therapy with energy medicine to treat anxiety, the subtle energies found in the meridians would be a good place to start. Meridians are currents of energy that run through the body. The meridian points, used in acupuncture, are the specific locations on the body where the meridian surfaces close to the skin. If we simultaneously use exposure therapy while tapping, rubbing or massaging the meridian points the brain’s response begins to change.  While exposure therapy is an established therapeutic technique, adding meridian tapping has been shown in several studies to  allow for briefer and fewer treatments. (http://www.eomega.org/article/the-case-for-energy-psychology). Scientist feel that the stimulation of meridian points  during exposure disrupts the message that was once sent to the brain. In other words, the old maladaptive patterns are altered.

Energy Medicine Offers Hope For Healing in Mental Health

Energy Medicine as alternative mental health treatment

Hopefully a broader array of effective treatment options such as Energy Medicine will be offered and recognized both by those in need and mental health professionals.

Many people who suffer from a mental health problem feel overwhelmed in their attempts to find treatment. The side effects and risk of psychotropic medicine makes pharmaceuticals a non-viable option for many. Energy medicine is non-invasive and continues to produce thousands of anecdotal reports and many scientific studies which lends support  as an effective treatment option for mental health problems. I use an array of conventional psychotherapies in my practice to address depression, anxiety, grief, Bi-Polar, and relationship problems. My over arching goal it to make therapy as effective as possible for clients. For some people that may be talk therapy or other conventional treatment. For others, that may be any number of energy healing techniques that help align the subtle energies of the body with their intended beliefs, wishes, and goals. I have witnessed amazing results and my hope is that Energy Medicine becomes a familiar treatment for individuals who are in pain.

be in peace – diane

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    Amy Satori
    Sep 12, 2015 - 12:37 PM

    Wow! I could not possibly agree more. My step brother has schizophrenia and has been taking toxic pills for years. I wish my stepmom would just take him to someone like you for a much gentler and natural approach that could be WAY more effective!

    • Reply
      Diane Chrestman
      Sep 13, 2015 - 07:10 PM

      Hi Amy, Thank you for your comment. I hope that your brother is able to find a treatment that is not so toxic for him. I know for many people I have worked with, the “cure” is more destructive than the symptoms. I wish him healing and peace. – diane

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