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Weight Loss Clinic
with Energy Healing

Weight Loss Clinic with Energy Healing

 Zenergy Health of Georgia

Includes Energy Healing, Hypnosis, Mindfulness

 Sunday February 15th

 2:00 until 4:00’ish

Zenergy Health of Georgia is offering a weight loss clinic you do not want to miss. At Zenergy Health of Georgia we will offer a Weight Loss Clinic with Energy Healing, Hypnosis and Mindfulness Skills. Lose weight by learning and using these weight loss interventions.

In this Weight loss Clinic you will experience:

Energy Healing

Energy Healing that combines traditional Western Psychological treatments with ancient Eastern healing traditions will be offered. Energy Healing has been used by thousands of people around the world to help achieve goals, changes behaviors, thoughts and emotions. This workshop will provide instruction so that your beliefs, thoughts and emotions are aligned with your desire to loose weight. Basic acupuncture points will be activated by tapping, while affirmations such as intentions are used.


use the power of the subconscious mind to help change your thoughts and behaviors. A hypnosis recording to support change will be provided to participants

Mindfulness and Meditation

a powerful practice that provides many physical and emotional benefits. We will learn skills to enhance our awareness so that we are mindful and conscious of eating.

Cost of Workshop – 55$

What you need – Please bring a yoga mat and blanket to use during hypnosis.

Please register by calling 770-378-6835

Workshop is limited to 7 people.

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