• Biofield Energy

    Biofields are the energy that we emit outwardly from our physical bodies. Energy healing uses exercises to strengthen the biofield, protect against harmful energies, and connect to positive energy.

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  • Chakras

    Each of the seven chakras are associated with specific personality traits, emotions, behaviors and thought patterns. Chakra balancing nurtures the development of positive personality traits, emotions, behaviors and thought patterns.

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  • Meridian Energy

    Meridians can be thought of as the channels of energy that flow through our body. Balancing meridians nurtures the development of positive personality traits, emotions, behaviors, and thought patterns.

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We are made of energy. Consequently, our mental health can be improved by moving, changing or otherwise manipulating the energy that is held and expressed in our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.

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Our thoughts, behaviors and emotions impact our energy by influencing brain waves, electromagnetic fields, and energy fields. Energy healing restores health by addressing the influential relationship expressed in thoughts, behaviors, emotions and energy. There are many types of energy healing, each qualified by unique treatment procedures. Energy treatments for mental, emotional or behavioral problems are typically holistic and work by disrupting the electrochemical response of unwanted thoughts or emotions in order to reduce pain and suffering.

At Zenergy Health of Georgia we can help you achieve many goals including:

  • learn new coping skills
  • reduce irrational thinking
  • improve clarity of thinking
  • find and remove energy blockages which sabotage your progress
  • improve your mood
  • deal with stress and anxiety more effectively
  • identify and address unconscious blocks to progress to achieve your goals
  • sports enhancement
  • general performance enhancement

Energetically aligning yourself with your therapeutic goals can help you improve your psychological, emotional, and mental health.

About Zenergy Health of Georgia

Zenergy Health of Georgia provides a full range of treatments for psychological, emotional, mental, and behavioral problems. We utilize components of ancient energy healing with traditional psychological interventions. A typical session would include stimulating many of the same points on the body that are used in acupuncture to change the bioelelectric response of thoughts and emotions. As the energy points are stimulated traditional psychological interventions such as positive affirmations, visualization, and expression of intentions are used to change the energetic responses associated with the unwanted thoughts and emotions. Cognitive restructuring occurs as unwanted thoughts and emotions are disrupted and replaced by healthier thoughts and emotions.

Zenergy Health of Georgia is staffed by professionally licensed mental health counselors. Our staff has additional training and certification from the Association of Energy Psychology.

Our office is located in Suwanee, Georgia.

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